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Movement Workshops & Classes

Feb-March 2020 Calendar

A sneak peek into upcoming exciting and enriching workshops and classes.


Wellness Calendar

Feb-May 2020 Calendar

Our wellness programs for month Feb to May 2020. Mark your calendars to take this inner journey with us.


Aerial movement workshop with Zakwana Bagban

15th & 16th Feb 2020

A workshop dedicated to the love of aerial and movement, where π€πžπ«π’πšπ₯ meets πƒπšπ§πœπž. β €
Our goal is to build strength, co ordination and grace on the silks.

This 1 hour 30 mins aerial class includes a warm-up, strength and flexibility building aerial silk conditioning, followed by climbs and a series of poses/ figures/ drops, and lastly the class ends with a cool down.
By the end of this two day workshop you will learn a beautiful aerial flow choreography where you express yourself. It is choreographed in a way where you feel the freedom of the movements as well as security with the techniques.

This class is open for all. We create a safe and uplifting environment for everyone. Your weight, gender, expertise, strength or flexibility doesn’t matter, what matters is your will to learn a new skill.

Come feel the flight

Zakwana is a trained dancer and an aerialist. Her practise includes various apparatus like the silks, hoops, pole, hammock, straps etc. She has performed at various cities across India and abroad, some of them are Jaipur, Mumbai, Sri Lanka, Goa. She has been teaching aerials regularly in Mumbai and have taken a number of workshops in Ahmedabad. Most of her training is from Mumbai. She also recently went to Dubai at the Pole fit Aerial Arts Academy to learn more and gain more knowledge about the aerial arts and bring it to India.

The goal of her workshops is to share as much knowledge she can, creating a safe environment for the students. Her classes are designed in a way where it can be attended by everyone- some one who is attempting it for the first time to some one who already holds expertise in the form.

Contact us for further details and registration.


Know Yourself Better

15th Feb 2020

A new way and channel to understand yourself , the way you respond in life, your energy levels and repetitive patterns.
We will be working through questionnaires and quizzes on chakras, prakriti, handwriting analysis and suggestibility/sexuality.
At the end of every method, we explore the traits and what the results mean and how to address areas where you get stuck using these insights.
This workshop is open to anyone and everyone :) its a wonderful way to explore and introspect. Diet, energy levels, sleep patterns, ambition and goal setting, fears, priorities in life - are some of the answers we get in this workshop :)

15th Feb, 2020 - 3 to 8pm
Contact us for more details and registration.


Tools To Heal Yourself

16th Feb 2020

This workshop explores some very useful and practical tools that you can use to heal and work with yourself. Whether it is physical pains, ailments, emotional issues, repetitive patterns - these modalities are effective and simple to use :)
We will be covering the following :
- Hoponopono
- R5
- Projection method
- Ego states

Date - 16th feb 2020, 430 to 8pm

It would be ideal to do the 15th n 16th workshops in continuity - though these are still open as stand alone workshops :)

Contact us for further details.


Feel Good Dance Classes

Starting Feb 2020

Beginner level dance classes.

Contact us for further details.


Fira 2020

29th Feb 2020

FIRA 2020 is here!

FIRA is Dhurii's 2nd annual student showcase, and this year we're excited to have it on 29th February. We've chosen this date not only because Dhurii is as unique as a leap year, but we also believe that life is full of such unique opportunities. So why would you want to pass up the chance to dance?! :)
Watch our students perform in styles such as Contemporary, Urban, Belly Dance, Hip Hop, Bollywood, Indo-Contemporary and more. We also have our children's junior, and senior Ballet batches winning your hearts!
Our amazing teachers join this 2-hour celebration with performances by Aastha, Junaid, and Shruthi Kulkarni. We're loving our collaborations with some of Bangalore's best teams such as LFRD, BSPA and more! We hope to see you as part of our fabulous audience, rooting and cheering for our hard-working students.

Time: 7:00 pm onwards
Venue: Shoonya - Centre for Art and Somatic Practices




7th March 2020

Conversations – Chapter 1

An intimate showcase of four exquisite performances

Conversations is an initiative by Dhurii to utilize art as a platform and medium to reach out to the audience with the Spoken and the In-Between. Each piece has been created to converse with the audience, to relate to something in their lives and to live it through us 

Our first chapter is on 7th March at Dhurii at 7pm.
We have 4 amazing acts this time :
1. Mirrors – a duet performed by Pushyank Nahar and Amitabh Srivastava, choreographed by Aastha Gulati
2. A solo vocal and musical expression by Deepthi Bhaskar
3. A contemporary theatrical duet by Atul Kumar and Maahi
4. The Yin – a sharing by Gauri, Minoti, Supriya and Praveena, choreographed by Aastha Gulati

Time: 7:00 - 8:00 pm
Venue: Dhurii



Floor Intensive with Bruno Catalano

14th & 15th March 2020

Floor intensive by Bruno Catalano Time: 14th & 15th March 2020, 4-7 pm
Venue: Dhurii

For more details contact:9845705241


Dhurii Summer Intensive

20th April - 1st May 2020

What to expect:

Technique training in jazz, urban, contemprory.
Choreography and creation
Movement research
An informal showing
A chance to be a part of a choreo video by Junaid and/or Aastha

2 weeks - 35 hours - 4 facilitators
Age : 12 and above
Time: Mon - Fri (2:30 pm - 6:00 pm)