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Events at Dhurii

Meteors: A partnering masterclass by Bruno Catalona

14th July: 3:00 - 7:00pm

A 4 hour intensive masterclass workshop on working with body weight, speed, compactness and athletic movements

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IMPROV HUB - Workshop & Jam

21st July: 5:30-8:00pm

During the workshop we will work with guided improvisation games aimed at expanding movement vocabulary and finding free flowing spontaneous movement trying to find a meeting point between performance and somatic awareness. We shall look into basics of contact improvisation through exercises involving weight sharing, rolling and sliding with another body, basic contact improvisation vocabulary of surfing and table top position.

We shall also explore how an improvised movement can lead to creating choreographic group compositions exploring stillness, movement, distance and proximity.

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Toolbox 2.1: Urban & Hip Hop

June to Sept 2019

And we are back with our next chapter of Urban and Hip Hop! Toolbox 2.1 is now open for applications!

The course will span over 12 weekends - 8 hours each weekend- with 7 different teachers - each working on different approaches and styles within urban, hip hop and dancehall. This is a certified course which ends with a graduation showcase and subsequently the option to audition for level 2 of this course (based on the discretion of some of the senior faculty)

Teachers: 1) Nivitha Krishna - afro dancehall, 2) Junaid Sharif - Urban technique and choreography, 3) Ryan martyr -Art of movement, 4) Newton - Urban drills and choreography, 5) Zu-Boo- hip hop, 6) Trishita Sengupta - movement exploration and choreography, 7) Aastha Gulati - conditioning and strengthening & 8) Veena Narasimhan - Yoga

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