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Events at Dhurii

Toolbox for Theatre: An introductory technique and training course

Starting Feb 2019

Toolbox for Theatre is an introductory technique and training course and comprises an intensive program aimed at building an introduction to the world of theatre for newcomers as well as those with limited experience and exposure to theatre. The program will be facilitated by some of the best teachers and trainers in the country and the course is designed to cover the various departments that come together in the world of theatre from writing for stage to analyzing text, actors tools, breath and voice , gesture and movement, dramaturgy, design and direction , all of which come together in the creation of a theatre performance.

This program is suitable for newcomers as well as those who wish to deepen their understanding and practice.

The course runs over 8 weekends starting end of February 2019 - 10 hours each weekend - 80 hours of training in actor tools, breath and voice, dramaturgy, direction and writing.

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Somatic Movement workshop: Move Better, Feel Better

30th, 31st Mar 2019

Neuro-muscular Re-education (mind-body training) Workshop in the tradition of Thomas Hanna. Somatics is a system of slow, mindful movement. It improves the function of the nervous system, creating more ease and freedom within ourselves. Somatics teaches us to recognise and release holding patterns, resulting from pain, injury, stress or habituated posture.

This work enhances any kind or exercise such as a yoga, dance, sport or just moving through life. You will also learn a daily practice in order to maintain better flexibility, coordination, balance and wellness, resulting in a decrease of aches and pains commonly attributed to stress, injury and ageing. The word ‘soma’ refers to the living body, the body and mind together as one unit, and Somatics is the living body experienced from within. "Maggie presents on behalf of SoMagic, consultancy activity under LEAD, a Unit under the Auroville Foundation."

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Kalari Month

Apr 2019

KALARIPAYATT, a martial art form that originated in North of Kerala, a south Indian state, is considered to be one of the oldest martial forms for combat in the world.The workshop will include the movement vocabulary and basics of Kalarippayat which includes the leg exercises, animal postures and body sequences which eventually will help in increasing one’s Body facility, Articulation of Spine, Body Reactions, Balance, Agility, Breathe Control, Released movement flow and Neuromuscular Reflexes.

For beginners: We will be working mainly on flexibility, strength, balance and agility using the Ashta vadivukal (8 animal postures) , chuvadukal (feet placement) and kaalukal (leg swings). And if time permits we will introduce the students to first Meippayat ( codified body sequence) and Poothara thozhal (salutation).

For intermediate: We will concentrate more on Meippayats ( codified body sequence ). Kalarippayat has a set of 13 different body sequences which works with different principles and also mainly for increasing agility and articulation of spine. We will also work with certain elements of self defence which comes under the traditional structure of Kalarippayat.

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