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    Aastha Gulati, our founder graduated from Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi and hit the corporate career as an Actuarial Consultant and worked for over 6 years across large MNCs / Banks. All this while though, she was on a quest and learning journey which would set the stage for her true journey.


    Dance came naturally to Aastha. She would learn various styles over time including Kathak, Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical Jazz, Latin and Belly dance. Traveling to learn has been one of her passions and this has taken her far and wide to places like Broadway Dance Centre, New York, various schools in Europe and to Thailand, Korea. Among latin forms, she completed her advanced bronze level courses in Rumba, Cha Cha, Jive, Samba and bronze level in Waltz, Fox Trot, Tango and Paso Doble. She completed 7 levels at Belly Dance Institute, Mumbai and then pursued Egyptian style Belly Dancing with Sana Pindare and Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing with Lamia Barbara.

    While training and later, she pursued choreography at places like ADAA, New Delhi, where over 7 years, she produced and performed many pieces including a National event at Red Fort, other events at Siri Fort Auditorium, India Habitat Centre etc. She performed for FICCI, Johnny Walker Fashion Week, Indian Oil Corporation etc.

    For 3 years, she worked as a freelancer with well known people, organisations in the field, choreographed for two films, performed in events like Scwarzkorpff International event, Good Earth etc.

    Having gained experience, she established and was co-founder for a dance, fitness and wellness center in Bangalore where she was instrumental in building up the company to 20 employees and one that trained over 1500 students. During this period, she choreographed and performed corporate shows for companies including - Canon, Tommy Hilfiger, Skoda, Landmark group & Rotary Club, Trivandrum.

    Being a dancer, ensuring fitness and stamina has been critical for Aastha and she did so by picking up certifications in Zumba and Reebok Cross training. She also trained in Hatha Yoga, Vinayasa Yoga, Yin Yoga and built regimens that she trained many dancers / fitness enthusiasts on. She continues taking classes in Yoga, Dance etc.


    Another dimension which always drove Aastha was wellness. Having worked in the corporate sector, she uses her learnings to design and conduct wellness workshops and seminars as part of employee wellness programs.

    Over the last 10 years, she has trained and has certifications on Behaviour therapies and Clinical hypnotherapy in association with CHII, Advance Pranic healing from World Pranic Healing Foundation, Advanced Redikall Healing etc. She is also a certified Corporate Behavioural Trainer and a certified Foundation Thai Massage therapist.

    She specialises as a Behavioral Soft Skills Expert and addresses interpersonal communication, team bonding, trust responsibility, stress management, mind over matter, leadership, self enahancement in her workshops. She also conducts workshops on Chakra Reading, Thai and Abdominal Massage and QiGong.

    She has conducted Wellness workshop on dealing with inhibitions conducted at ITC Infotech Ltd, 'Rhythm of Life' - a workshop for women, conducted at WLCI, assisted Dr Rajesh Singh in corporate training retreats for 2 years and also worked with college and school students. Being a dancer too, she has worked with autistic kids in movement therapy.

    At Dhurii, one of her missions is to offer holistic movement and wellness modules to corporate employees and youth who are about to enter the workforce.

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  • Our staff was very impressed by the training program. We are very confident that the training program instilled self-empowerment and self-acceptance, which our employees will put to good use at the workplace. The training shall result in higher efficiency and better productivity. We would be pleased to recommend such trainings to other organisations as well.

  • I got way more out of the massage session than what I expected. It left me relaxed and rejevenated and I actually had enough energy to teach two more kickboxing sessions.

  • Wish you Happy Teacher's day Aastha. I really admire you for the person you are - from the way you handle a class to the way you motivate us, push us further and how easily you warm up to people. I'm really lucky to be your student.