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Toolbox One: Contemporary Movement Intensive

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  • The Course

    Toolbox 1.1 is the second edition in the multi-part series of intensive certification courses in dance at Dhurii. The concept behind the series is to give the learner a set of tools honed and perfected by some of the best teachers from across the country and the world so that you can evolve out of it, your own essence of movement.


    Classes will be taken by the series of 8 teachers whose profiles and class module structure is given below with each teacher handling about 12-18 hours of classes. Each teacher will complete their module in one stretch and thus be able to focus your learning and growth appropriately during that period. The overall course will be 10 hours each week and proceed for 12 weeks, thus completing 120 hours of classes. The course will end with a showcase where you will all perform at an event organised specially for Toolbox one by Dhurii. You can also read about it in our BLOG.


    The course starts on Jan 7th 2019 and shall have two batches; a weekday batch with classes in early mornings (6:15-8:15am) and a second weekend batch which is on fridays (7:30-9:30pm), saturdays & sundays (10am-2pm).


Aastha Gulati

Aastha is a professional dancer-choreographer since 2000 and is a versatile dancer having learnt various styles including Kathak, Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical Jazz, Latin and Belly dance. She has traveled far and wide to places like Broadway Dance Centre, New York, to Thailand integro 2016 for 30 days for flying low and passing through training with David Zambrano, to Edinburgh to train under Tess Letham and under Cristina in dance Italia for one week. She has since choreographed, performed and taught widely across a wide variety of prominent organisations, stages and countries.
She collates technique with a lot of narrative, expression and experimental movement. Contemporary technique, floor work, cathartic movement etc remain a favorite of hers and her classes will center around them.

Prashant More

Prashant More is a performing Artist, Choreographer and a dance teacher based in Bangalore. He started as a B-boying/Hip-hop dancer, learnt Bharatnatyam and followed it with Contemporary movement. He participated in a Choreographic Intensive course (SNDO) in Amsterdam, Intensive in Physical Experimental Performances (SMASH) in Berlin, Interdisciplinary program in Bali, Flying Low and Passing Through intensives, in Berlin and Hong Kong.

His classes will deal with transformation of movement and a building of deep dance vocabularies that derives from a conscious stepping out of your comfort zone. His sequences are inspired from Flying Low, Hip-hop, Contemporary techniques and Acrobats and also parts from his movement research practices.


Ronita Mookerji

Ronita started her Bharatanatyam training at the age of 5, went on to learn Odissi alongside and then moved to pursue contemporary dance. She is also trained in Kalaripayattu and Ballet, all the while also mastering yoga. She has been regularly traveling and performing pieces including "Khwaab-sa", "Architect of self destruction" and the South korea project.

Her classes, Physical Practice through Contemporary Dance : THE THINKING BODY will comprise of body work, floor work, space work, exercises from strong physical practice within the system of Contemporary Dance Techniques. Developing speed through breath, improving strength,stamina and flexibility through physical exercises and exhaustion, and achieving more awareness of the whole body through the dynamic flow of dance are the main goals of the class.


Atul Kumar

Atul is a Designer, Choreographer and Performer and is the Creative Head of LFRD, Bangalore. He is trained in various arts like Contemporary dance, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop as well as Kalari and yoga. He also specialises in Flying low and Fighting monkey technique. He has worked with many international artits, performed at dance festivals in Amsterdam among others.

His classes revolve around exploring the bodies in space and time, with emphasis on creation and exploration of composition with the intention to evolve or transform it. In his words, "Movement isn't restricted to just moves but also means for survival, creativity, knowledge and pleasure."


Priyabrat Panigrahi

Priyabrat Panigrahi is a trained contemporary dancer, choreographer and performing artist from Bangalore. He has got intensive training in Kalaripayattu, Contemporary technique, Ballet, Bharatnatyam, pilates, flying low and light design from across places including Brussles, under various teachers including David Zambrano and others. During his training at P.A.R.T.S. contemporary dance school in Brussels he created a solo "Who are you?" and a duet performed with a live piano musician called "Stopping Motion".

In his classes, you will explore natural movement practices, focusing on enhancing mobility in joints and muscles. This would then lead to improvisional work and partner work and improve your kinaesthetic and spatial awareness.

Sid Neelakantha

Sid has 18+ years of experience in various forms of dance including Ballet, Jazz, Latin, Hip Hop etc. He is an avid performer and has performed in various events, TV shows, a movie, and various international dance festivals including one at Florence, Italy.
He will cover Ballet technique which forms a key basis for various contemporary movements and Calenatics which will focus on body conditioning using tiny precise movements and proper body alignment to strengthen and tone muscles.

Pia Bungalowala

Pia is a dance performer/facilitator and a fitness instructor in Bangalore. She is trained in contemporary dance, Bharatanatyam, Kalarippayattu, Ballet, Pilates, Yoga and Jazz. I have been working as a free-lance dancer for the past 8 years. She has performed in various cities with different troupes and also worked with lots of Indian as well as international choreographers. She has to performed at the Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow, Scotland and at Hannover, Germany and prominent national events in India too.

Her module will cover basic contemporary dance technique which will be a combination of stretching, weight bearing and sharing and floor work based on release technique. There will be special focus on strengthening the core or the abdominal muscles as they are the powerhouse of strength required by the body to enable it to do various movements.


Mihir Grover

Mihir is an accomplished profesisonal instructor, performer and Assistant rehearsal director with 8+ yrs experience at Terrance Lewis Contemporary dance company. He has also trained at Impulstanz, a highly acclaimed contemporary dance festival at Vinenna. He has also trained and performed at the Fresco dance company in Tel Aviv, Israel.

He will focus on contemporary technique with emphasis on high energy movement and control required during such routines, using the floor and fluidity in movement. At the same time, he shall also focus on using variation in movement dynamics and suspensions.

Take your contemporary dancing to the next level

With 8 teachers, 3 months and 120 hours of training, you just need to commit yourself for 10 hours (at least) and week and you will wonder how you got there when it's done and you are ready. So, jump in. :)

Yes. I am in.

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