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Toolbox one Chapter three

Contemporary Intensive Course

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    We are back with our third chapter of this Toolbox intensive which brings you the best in training, mentoring and growth opportunities as a course. A three month course designed to take you through various ways and forms of contemporary movement - floorwork, release, flying low, modern, improvisation, research, safety release technique, functional movement and animal flow.
    This is for all those who wish to pursue contemporary movement and training in a more dedicated manner, whether you are stepping into it for the first time or have trained in contemporary before.
    Don’t miss this opportunity to train, to learn, to upgrade and to find a way to continually keep bettering yourself.


    Classes will be taken by a series of 8 teachers whose profiles. Each teacher will complete their module of 12-18 hours in one stretch and thus focusing on learning and growth during that period. The overall course will be 10 hours each week and proceed for 12 weeks, thus completing 120 hours of classes.
    The course will end with a showcase where you will all perform at an event organised specially for Toolbox one by Dhurii. Selected students will also be working on a mini production in the fourth month with one of the teachers in the course.


    We have two batches to choose from - Weekdays and Weekends.
    We begin in Jan 2020 (4th Jan - 22nd Mar 2020)
    Weekdays: Mon to Fri: 6:15 am - 8:15 am
    Weekends :
    Fri: 7:45 pm - 9:45 pm Sat to Sun: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

  • Faculty
    Aastha Gulati

    Contemporary Basics & Floorwork

    Aastha Gulati is a professional dancer-choreographer since 2000 and has trained in various dance forms under renowned professionals. She is also a fitness instructor for the past 8 years and blends yoga, pilates, stretch work and zumba. She also conducts knowledge and awareness talks and is a spiritual wellness trainer for the past 9 years.

    Her passion and love for dance and fitness has propelled her to constantly better her own abilities as a dancer, as well as a choreographer and reach out to as many, to share and multiply all that has been given to her.

    Trained in various dance forms. Kathak based contemporary, Chauu based contemporary, Release , Contact work, Ballet based contemporary, Lyrical jazz, Flying Low and Passing Through , Bollywood free style dancing, Basic level in Flying Low and Passing through from Edinburgh, UK by Tess Letham , Flying Low and Passing Through Intensive with David Zambarano at the Integro Dance beyond Festival, 2016 in Thailand, Advanced level “Falls and Rolls” module with Guy Nader , Semi-classical based Kathak (Lucknow gharana), Elementary level of Ballet , Street jazz and funk, Advanced bronze level in Rumba, Cha Cha, Jive, Samba and Intermediate bronze level in Waltz, Fox Trot, Tango and Paso Doble , Salsa, Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing with Lamia Barbara , Egyptian style Belly Dancing with Sana Pindare from Mumbai, Indian wedding styles , Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga, Mat Pilates,Zumba


    Flying Low & Acrobatics

    Prashant More is a contemporary performing artist based in Bangalore, India. He has been engaged in artistic work as a performer, teacher and a creator. He studied and trained in India and Europe. In 2012, he graduated in Contemporary dance from Attakkalari, India and also worked as a repertory dancer. He took intensive training in Flying Low and passing through and Choreography and in Physical Experimental Performances in Amsterdam and Berlin.

    Flying Low - This technique focuses mainly on dancer’s relationship with the floor, utilizing simple movement patterns, speed, alertness, awareness with space and other fellow dancers, and spirals which explore cohesion and expansion of the body.


    Ronita Mookerji

    Physical Practice through Contemporary Dance

    Our ‘physical’ form or physicality has intelligence and memory of its own. Dance & Physical Movement Practice, Martial Arts or any Body-Centric training are the only tangible mediums of tapping into this and finding the freedom of expression, healthy well-being, emotional well-being and greater awareness of being in the present and active state that facilitates living in an optimum condition. After all, it is the survival of the fittest. And then there is emotions that are expressed through the physical body and Dance that paints one’s dream and imagination and creativity in real-time and space dimensions.

    This course is for everyone who loves dancing and are ready to move in a physical way emphasizing the physical exploration and expression of the body and mind in control with the breath. It will be an intensive physically-challenging movement practice over a period of 5 days (2 hours each day). The Body will go through physical exercises and dance movement sequences that will be exhausting, to go deeper into the understanding of the state and strength of the physical being, the control and engagement of different aspects of the physical body to bring about a balanced state of mind-body connection and thereby reach an equilibrium between psychological and emotional states.

    Atul Kumar

    Improv Tools

    Atul Kumar is trained in Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Kalari, Yoga, Flying Low, and Fighting Monkey technique. He has been a Choreographer and Creative Head of Left Foot Right Danceworks (LFRD), Bangalore since 2015. He has completed 3 months intensive contemporary dane course from Attakkalari Center of Movement Arts in 2016. Has received certificate of Merit and Course Completion from California University of Arts, in Site Specific Project Creation, under the mentorship of Stephen Koplowitz, in 2014.

    This course revolves around exploring the bodies in space and time. We explore the realm of quantum and metaphysics about our bodies and find the connection to different elements in our own body and to it's surrounding. We emphasis on creation and exploration of composition with the intention to evolve or transform it. We use methods to research and explore the frame and boundaries of bodies and the space around it, through the medium of movement. Here, movement is seen as a practice to put ourselves in situations to test our knowledge of the body and its boundaries. Movement isn't restricted to just moves but also means for survival, creativity, knowledge, and pleasure.


    Priyabrat Panigrahi

    Monkey Movement & Space Awareness

    Priyabrat Panigrahi is a trained contemporary dancer, choreographer and performing artist from Bangalore, India. He formally started his dance training in the year 2011, with the diploma in movement arts and mix media course, at the Attakkalari Center for movement arts, Bangalore. He has got intensive training in Kalaripayattu, Contemporary technique, Ballet, Bharatnatyam, pilates, flying low and light design. He secured distinction and then decided to pursue his training further in P.A.R.T.S. contemporary dance school in Brussels in 2013. Here he studied Ballet for contemporary dancer, contemporary technique classes, release technique, theater, floor work, contact improvisation, composition, rhythm, Forsythe’s technology, Trisha Brown work, Rosas repertory work, Flying low and passing through by David Zambrano. During his training at P.A.R.T.S., he created a solo Who are you? And a duet performed with a live piano musician called Stopping Motion, which helped him explore his capabilities as a choreographer.

    In this class, we will explore natural movement practices. We will begin with some movement practice that focuses on enhancing mobility in the joints and muscles. This will lead to improvisational tasks and partner work, to increase kinaesthetic and spatial awareness. Towards the end, we will work on a phrase, which builds on the improvisational and natural movement practices introduced in class. Throughout the class, you will be encouraged to find new approaches to your movement and to surprise yourself.

    Joshua Sailo

    Prime Mover

    Joshua Sailo investigates movement through a multidisciplinary lens informed by close collaborations with other artists and improvisational studies. His playful approach towards performance-making stems from a curiosity towards the parallels, juxtapositions, and conjunctions that exist within the interaction of different art forms and contextualizing dance within the socio-political framework.

    Joshua holds an MA in Dance awarded by Institute of The Arts Barcelona/Liverpool. John Moores University for his creative practice researching the emobdiment of gendered personifications and continues to deepen his choreographic investigation through the initiative Sailoway. As a performer, Joshua has worked with various international artists including Cirque du Soleil, Jasmin Vardimon Company, Nachom Arts Foundation, Studios Wayne Mc-Gregor, Toronto Dance Theatre, 45 Degrees, Peggy Baker, Mandeep Raikhy, and Darryl Tracy amongst others.

    Prime Movers is a consolidated movement practice that emerged from the synthesis of various movement principles and methods that aims to build awareness of the body and access a dynamic range of embodied possibilities. This ever evolving method was devised by Joshua Sailo from his training and experience working with numerous choreographers, companies and practitioners to enhance the physical training as well as challenge the intellect and creativity of a dancer through playful compositional and theatrical tools.


    Pia Bunglowala

    Suspensions & Release

    Pia Bunglowala is a freelance movement artist and facilitator based in Bangalore. She did her Diploma at the Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts in 2008 and trained in Contemporary, Ballet, Bharatnatyam, kalarippayattu among other forms. Since then she has worked as a freelancer with various dance companies and choreographers in the city. She worked with Nritarutya, an Indian contemporary dance company and traveled with them extensively.

    She will cover basic contemporary dance techniques with a combination of stretching, weight-bearing and sharing and floor work based on release technique. There is a special focus on strengthening the core or the abdominal muscles as they are the powerhouse of strength required by the body to enable it to move, leap and express. Developing specific muscles like the arm and shoulders, the quadriceps through dynamic movements and exercises will further enable the body to discover the range, movement, and flow.

    The individual class comprises a warm-up based on yoga, dynamic stretching, cardio, and strengthening. This will go into the main body of the class which will be specific movement-based exercises and sequences across the floor derived from martial arts, animal movements and even ballet. I will lead them into a sequence that will be developed as a continuous movement phrase by the end of the module, introducing them to musicality and letting go! The session will end with somatic movement and stretching to release the muscles, relax the body and increase flexibility.

    Attila Andrasi

    Movement Research

    Attila was born in Hungary where his interest in dance started at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. He gained his first performing experience at Trafo and Mu Theatre in Budapest. Attila continued his studies at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) where he performed at various festivals.

    Attila is the Artistic Director of his own company. He is collaborating with artists of different origins and backgrounds. He bases his research on movement, and through physicality, he is interested to reflect on aspects of our human lives through dance.

    You will get an insight into Attila’s current research and explore material with him. Starting with specific tasks, the dancers are invited to share their own ideas and findings. Attila will use improvisation to encourage participants to reveal their individual experiences and thoughts.

    This workshop offers practical movement research tools to performance artists of various movement backgrounds. The tasks and information that will be provided requires a high level of physicality and curiosity.

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